Visionary Partner 

We are a privately held multi-family real estate investment company. Whether recognizing the potential of under-performing/under-utilized assets or undertaking new developments, we always strive for strong risk-adjusted returns regardless of the vagaries of the capital markets.



A mix of inspiration, foresight, and fiscal acuity defines our approach. Seeking opportunities that combine attractive growth with consistent returns, we primarily concentrate on diverse employment markets with high barriers to entry.

  • Continued Strong Growth

    The metropolitan areas between Boston, New York City, and Washington, DC are centers for technology, government, finance, healthcare, and education, creating an environment for high employment and steady population growth.

  • Reliable Demand

    The concentration and broad range of employers in the Northeast Corridor keep demand for multi-family rental properties high and also provides significant protection from fluctuations in the economy that can affect areas dominated by single industries.

  • Liquidity

    The 24/7 nature of the major cities in the Northeast Corridor, along with their maturity and global appeal, has helped maintain significant liquidity through continuous capital investment.

  • High Barriers to Entry

    Few physical sites for development, a complex regulatory climate, and the prevalence of “insider” markets characterize today’s real estate industry landscape. Our years of investment experience and network of relationships in our target markets allow us to thrive in less-than-accommodating real estate environments.


Envisioning and maximizing the opportunities of under-performing properties have been the keystones of our success. Our team’s financial expertise, extensive market knowledge, and strong creative vision allow us to focus on creating value and unlocking a property’s full potential.

We seek to take advantage of opportunities through our value-add and repositioning strategy. The result of these strategies dramatically enhances our residents' quality of life by introducing our signature Halstead brand, offering an abundance of amenities, design, and resident retention programs. We create a desirable lifestyle, resulting in strong demand for our properties.

Halstead New Rochelle





  • Conversions

    We redevelop underutilized, underperforming, and distressed assets, delivering communities based on renter demographics and each asset's unique attributes.

  • Repositioning

    We rebrand and reposition existing properties through aggressive marketing, leasing, and efficient operational processes at a significant discount-to-replacement cost. We focus on repositioning the asset for maximum value.

  • Transportation-Oriented Infill Projects

    We redevelop selective transportation-oriented infill projects at transit stops, commuter train stations, and highway entrances.

Asset Management

At the DSF Group, we not only understand the brick-and-mortar aspects of development, we are a seasoned fiduciary with a consistent strategy of adding value to our multi-family investments. When you invest with us, you work directly with the Partners throughout the entire process.



While we’ve had success adding value to existing properties, we’ve done just as well developing unique and desirable properties from the ground up. From site selection and design to permitting, financial engineering, and construction, we bring our diverse experience and broad range of skills to capitalize on every facet of a project.

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